There are myriad choices of ground spinner so they have been sub divided into generic groups to help the browser have an easier search.  Because stock changes so readily, not all items are available 366 days of the year.  Always enquire and the best service will be provided.

Please note that most of the ‘ground spinner’ range of products are constructed of Ripstop material and Fibreglass struts.  Occasionally they will be a heavier duty ‘Oxford’ nylon and this is reflected in the price.  If the item is very fade resistant, it will be marked as ‘Solar Max’ or ‘SunTex’. Wind Garden items have a strong frame - metal in some cases to ensure longevity. Once again a higher premium is paid for the quality.

There are rigid plastic windmills which are sturdy and have decent UV resistant quality. All these things are listed with relevant information.

Take time to have a good long look, there is a massive range and it pays to buy quality if it is to outside for long periods.

Please consider the fact that all these are inanimate objects that cannot think for themselves. Daft maybe, but in a very big wind, take them down to prevent loss or damage.  

Do not put ground spinners within the reach of small children who could break the product or hurt themselves.

Some spares or replacement parts are available for much of the Ground Spinner range check the ‘Poles & Accs’ page for such components.

Ground Decorations

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