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  4. Courier 24 hour delivery can be arranged for a higher cost.
  5. Saturday courier service is available at a premium rate.
  6. A garunteed delivery time will  incur a courier surcharge.
  7. No product will be dipatched  until full payment is received.
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  10. Returns are not accepted for any goods ordered in error.
  11. All efforts are made to ensure every item supplied is in perfect working order and fully fit for purpose. HIZAKITE takes no responisibility for items damaged through customer misuse, accidental damage or loss. Please read ALL MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS for every product prior to use.
Terms & FAQS

Non Kite Product Information & FAQs

Please note that most flown products are constructed of Ripstop material and Fibreglass struts.  Occasionally they will be a heavier duty ‘Oxford’ nylon and this is reflected in the price.  If the item is very fade resistant, it will be marked as ‘Solar Max’ or ‘Sun Tex’.  

Please consider the fact that all these are inanimate objects that cannot think for themselves. Daft maybe, but in a very big wind, take them down to prevent loss or damage.

Do not put Ground Spinners within the reach of unsupervised young children.


Q: Nothing is happening. The item just sits not moving.

A: There is no wind. (Oh yes, that is a serious FAQ).

Q: The metal swivel that allows the item to spin or the ring attaching the tail keeps breaking.

A: EVERY metal item must be lubricated regularly with a light oil to reduce rust and breakage. Wax Oil is best.

Q: Can replacement swivel clips be purchased?

A: Yes, look on the ‘Poles and Accs’ page.

Q: What is the quickest way to attach flags and windsocks down the pole?

A: Use specially designed bungees as shown on the ‘Poles & Accs’ page.

Q: The top section of the telescopic pole has broken, why?

A: You have attached  a flag to the top.  Always attach a flag near the top of the 2nd section of the pole. There is less strain and the flags will fly better. Put a windsock at the top or leave it bare.

A: Possibly overloaded. Be sensible with the weight of items you place on a pole tip- consider a wet and very windy day - it will add strain.

A: The pole was raised very rapidly.  Raise the pole in a smooth motion.

A: It was allowed to slide out and was jammed against something or the ground.

A: The item on the top of the pole was stood on when trying to erect the pole thus breaking it.

Q: Can a replacement top section of a telescopic pole be purchased?

A:  Yes, they are on the ‘Poles & Accs’ page.

Q: The top section will not come out.

A: The top with the string has dropped in and needs to be pushed back through from the bottom with a long thin item.

Q: The top section is totally jammed in the pole.

A: The top section has been allowed to drop before the rest of the pole has been collapsed. It is sitting between two sections instead of dropping down the centre of the pole as it should.  It is nearly impossible to remove this without tearing the fibreglass. The pole is most probably a right-off.

Q: Is it possible to purchase any section of a pole?

A: Apart form the pole tips, no.  Occasionally a perfect spare section will be available form a broken pole, but not frequently.  It is often less cost effective to you anyway.

Q: Can more than one item be put on to a telescopic pole?

A: Yes, the longer the pole, the more items.  Use either flag bungees or a pole sleeve.  Both  are itemised on the ‘Poles & Accs’ page.

Q: Do the telescopic pole conduct electricity?

A:  No. All the fibreglass ones on this web site can be used as an aerial. Any item that is carbon fibre or aluminium will be highlighted as such in the product description on the ‘Poles & Accs’ page.

Q: Does carbon fibre conduct electricity?

A: Yes.

Q: Are other parts of a shaped wind spinner available.

A: Yes, for some items. Every effort will be made if it is cost effective to you.

Q: Is there something recommended to keep birds away from  ponds, roofs, boats and vegetable plots?

A: Yes, look on the Jackite page and check the ‘Bird Kites’ page as many will fly from a pole.

Q: Is there such thing as a bird decoy for hunters?

A: Yes, look at the ‘Jackite’ page.

Q: The Windsock or tails keep tangling.

A; Is it sited near trees or a building? Is it on the top of a hill? These places cause unwanted turbulence. Try to place it in a more open area if possible.

A: If the item is clipped on to the top ring the movement will be restricted around the pole it is on. Clip it  to  a loop on string (braided is best) that has been attached through the eyelet and down the pole and that will help.

Q: The ends are fraying.

A: Don’t let it catch against anything like trees, walls, etc.

A: The wind may have worn it over time.

Q: How can fade out be prevented?

A: Keep in shade if possible.

A: Using a Scotchguard spray will help slow the process but adds to the units overall cost.

A: Different grades of material on the product dictate how soon the colours will fade. The red spectrum fades the quickest.

A: Buy a product impregnated with SunTex such as on the ‘Quality Wind Garden’ page.

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